Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteering for the LGP Alumni Association of Dallas, Texas is an excellent opportunity to make a difference. There are numerous ways to volunteer with the Alumni Association from helping out at an event or serving on Association Committees. Volunteering your time is a great way to support the alumni, communities, and students. The Association is looking for volunteers to assist in both development and alumni affairs.

When representing the LGP Alumni Association of Dallas, Texas as a volunteer during school hours or after hour activities with students present -  You Must Be a registered volunteer with DISD.

If you are not an employee of DISD and would like to be a volunteer on the “Property of LGP - representing LGPAADT”, please submit a copy of your DISD Confirmation to the LGPAADT Secretary.

You must complete the DISD Volunteer Form. You will receive an electronic confirmation immediately after submission. A copy of your confirmation must be on file with the LGPAADT Secretary.

If you have any questions send and email to info@lgpalumni.org.